Frequently asked questions

What is required to use Xabe.FFmpeg?

To proper work Xabe.FFmpeg needs FFmpeg executables. You could add these executables directly with your assembly or set directory with these files. You can also download executables automatically using the library.

Can I test library before buying it?

Of course! All source code is available on GitHub so you can download it or install package located on NuGet. Feel free to test it as long as you want.

Does it work on other operating systems?

A huge advantage of .NET Core is possibility to run application on different operating systems. Of course, creating a .NET Standard library isn't sufficient but following some rules we achived that almost every functionality works in the same way on Linux, Mac and Windows.

I need functionality which package doesn't have yet, can I contribute?

Every piece of code improving library for other users would be very helpful. You can create Pull Request on GitHub to do that. Remember that we love tests and it's unlikely that we merge untested code.

Can I track conversion progress?

IConversion class has dedicated events that let you know about conversion progress. OnProgress and OnDataReceived trigger as soon as FFmpeg outputs new informations.

It is possible to record web cams/security cameras?

You can listen on online streams using normal conversion flow. Just get stream details using MediaInfo, and add it to your conversion.

Is it possible to convert files in memory?

Unfortunately, we don't support it yet.