Xabe.FFmpeg – a library that meets all your expectation

Process media without know how FFmpeg works! Use built-in snippets or pass your own arguments to FFmpeg from your C# application.

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Works on every system that supports .NET Core. It does not matter if it is running on Windows, Linux or Mac.

CCTV Cameras support

CCTV and Web Cams

Out of the box support of WebStreams such as RTP or RTSP.

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Change only specific streams in video file or build new one with streams from other files.

Complete, cross-platform solution

FFmpeg – fast audio and video converter that can also grab data from live stream. By using Xabe.FFmpeg, developer is also able to use all of the FFmpeg features directly from the code.

This approach has a lot of advantages:

  • Xabe.FFmpeg is a cross-platform. It works on every system that supports .NET Core, it does not matter if it is Windows, Mac, or Linux operation system
  • Possibility to use bulit-in snippets for most common uses
  • Human-readable output data
  • User can pass arguments directly from FFmpeg (for advanced users)
  • Make changes only on particular streams (audio, video, or subtitles)
  • Automatic download of required executables for different operating systems
  • Xabe.FFmpeg has an accessible and extensive technical documentation
  • Solution is free for every non-commercial project!

Do you need more features?
Read our technical documentation!

C:\Program Files\dotnet\dotnet.exe

Find 6 files to convert.

[00:00:01/00:02:01][1%] byger-2421244-liten.avi

[00:00:03/00:02:01][2%] byger-2421244-liten.avi

[00:00:04/00:02:01][7%] byger-2421244-liten.avi

[00:00:05/00:02:01][24%] byger-2421244-liten.avi

[00:00:15/00:02:01][46%] byger-2421244-liten.avi

Simple but multifunctional

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All the best technical tools and applications are easy to use but giving a lot of possibilities.

Our Xabe.FFmpeg allows users without any experience with FFmpeg to operate with bulit-in solutions with a wide spectrum of possibilities. Advanced users can manually set up a lot of parameters directly to any input or output stream. Making a conversion of video files to most common formats is fast and efficient.