Conversion of other formats to mp4 using the C # programming language

Many people ask why their TV or other devices can play one video file and the other file has a problem, even though they have the same extension. The reason for this lies in the codecs supported by the device. The conversion process can be a solution to such problem.

Why to convert video to mp4 using c#?

The extension, i.e. for example .avi, .mov, or .mp4 is only a multimedia container, which task is to store all video and audio material, as well as all other data needed to properly play this file, however codecs are responsible for the image and sound. Their task is to encode data so that it can be moved or stored somewhere, and decode this data so that it can be reproduced (hence the name codec: codec). Each of the codecs has a different mode of action and effects.

Types of formats in which movies can be created

    File format is its structure that defines how it is saved and played in a given program. The most popular movie formats include:
  • AVI (Audio Video Interleave) - one of the oldest and most popular video file formats. It combines audio-video data into one file. It was created by Microsoft in 1992. The AVI format is a variation of the RIFF format. The most commonly used video compressions for AVI are XviD, DivX, Intel Real Time Video, Indeo, Cinepak, Mjpeg, VdoWave, Real Video, Mpeg-4.
  • MPEG (Moving Picture Experts Group) is a container, i.e. a marking of a group of coding standards. In other words, it is a group of commonly used data recording formats, including video and audio. MPEG appeared for the first time in 1988, when solutions for recording images from cassettes to a computer disk were sought..
  • MPEG-4 is currently the best and most commonly used format (data encoding standard in the MPEG system). It began the process of creating such codecs as XviD and DivX, which compresses movies and without which such movies cannot be played. Its advantage is the creation of the smallest file sizes with high image and sound quality.

How to quickly compress video files

Conversion can turn out to be a very lengthy process if the wrong program is used. Certain programming languages have a better, more friendly structure for creating this type of software.

An example is the C# language. The language structure is C# so constructed that convert video to mp4 using c# is very easy. Thanks to this, many applications are created that in a short time will allow you to effectively convert even large groups of files.

Going further, it is worth getting acquainted with the .NET programming platform because it is thanks to it that you can efficiently create applications in C#. By learning both issues, you can learn to program very quickly, so creating a .net video converter will not be a difficult task.

To sum up, currently every device is able to play movies. However, very often the possibilities are limited by codecs. Because of this, you will need to convert the file to a different format. For this purpose, it is worth using a converter written in C# because they are very efficient applications. Most often it is possible to convert whole groups of files at one time, which is very effective.